NCRA Homebuyer Assistance

The Clackamas County Development Agency (CCDA), in cooperation with the Clackamas County Community Development Division (CDD), works with qualified lenders to offer the NCRA (North Clackamas Revitalization Area) Homebuyer Assistance Program. The program is funded by urban renewal funds generated in the NCRA.

The program helps qualified first-time homebuyers pay for down payment and reasonable closing costs. Funds are provided in the form of zero-percent (0%) interest deferred-payment loans. Qualified borrowers may be eligible for loans equal to 6% of the home price, up to a maximum of $14,000.

If you are interested in obtaining a NCRA loan you must:

  1. Take an approved Homebuyer Training class.
  2. Find an Oregon licensed lender and get pre-qualified for primary financing.

For information on approved lenders or a list of homebuyer training sites, visit the Community Development Division website.

To qualify for a loan through the NCRA Homebuyer Assistance Program:

  1. The buyer must be an "Eligible Applicant";
  2. The buyer must be a "Qualified Borrower"; and
  3. The house selected must be an "Eligible Property".
  1. To be an "Eligible Applicant," the potential buyer must:
    • Meet the NCRA program definition of a "first-time homebuyer" which means:
      • The buyer has not owned a home during the past 3 years, or
      • The buyer belongs to one of the following categories:
        • Displaced homemaker
        • Single parent
        • Current resident of the NCRA
        • Retired person age 62 or older
        • A police officer
        • Current or former member of the military
    • Meet income restrictions. (The household?s annual income must be no more than 120% of median income - currently $97,700 for a four-person household.)
    • Demonstrate a financial need for assistance.
    • Complete a homebuyer education program approved by the County.

To be a "Qualified Borrower," the potential homebuyer must:

    • Have sufficient income to support the primary debt.
    • Be pre-qualified by a primary lender. (Contract sales are not allowed.)
    • Have good credit.
    • Contribute $1,000 in cash toward the purchase from the buyer's own funds.
    • Not exceed $25,000 in liquid assets after closing.

To be an "Eligible Property," the house must:

    • Be located in the North Clackamas Revitalization Area.
    • Have a purchase price of less than $335,000 for existing homes; $335,000 for new construction.
    • Meet the program definition of single-family housing (a single unit).
    • Meet property standards and pass an inspection by Clackamas County.
    • Be free of chipped or peeling paint if built before 1978.
    • Not be occupied by a tenant unless the applicant purchasing the unit is the tenant.

Other Helpful Resources

  1. Oregon Housing Community Services Click on "Home Ownership" to find a lender and/or an education class.
  2. The Portland Housing Center is a nonprofit organization that guides and assists potential homebuyers through the process by providing education, counseling and financial services. For more information, contact the Housing Center at 503-282-7744 or visit their web site.

NCRA 2018 Income Limits**

Household Size 100% MFI
1 person $68,400
2 persons $78,250
3 persons $88,000
4 persons $97,700
5 persons $105,600
6 persons $113,400

** Effective April 1, 2018. Based on income limits established by HUD. Income limit updates expected each year.

Single Family Mortgage Limit

Existing homes $335,000
New Construction $335,000