Clackamas Town Center Area

The Commercial and Retail Center of Clackamas County

The Situation

For its first urban renewal program in 1980, the County selected the area around the intersection of I-205 and SE Sunnyside Road. The community needed new and expanded road systems to support the opening of the Clackamas Town Center shopping mall, and to meet the needs of the growing residential neighborhoods, and expanding health care facilities and businesses.

The Response

To address the needs of the community, an urban renewal district was formed to provide transportation and community facilities that would be a catalyst for private investment. That private investment began in a big way in 1981 with the opening of the Clackamas Town Center shopping mall.

The urban renewal district was established to meet the following goals:

  • Encourage private investment in housing, commercial and office uses
  • Complement and support improvements installed by the Clackamas Town Center mall
  • Support the 82nd Avenue and Sunnyside Road business district
  • Provide public access to and recreational use of open space
  • Eliminate blighting influences
  • Provide safe and efficient traffic circulation
  • Install and improve public facilities to provide short-term and long-range mobility and safety
  • Rehabilitate and conserve properties
  • Develop economically sound facilities

Urban Renewal Attracted Private Investments

Urban renewal funds attract matching funds from other places. For example, more than $100 million of additional public funds has come to the Town Center area since the district was established.

The results of the urban renewal efforts enhanced the region's fastest growing business center with a wide variety of high quality office, retail and multi-family projects. The Town Center urban renewal district is estimated to terminate in 2013.

The Results

  • Extensive private investment including:
    • Class A office corridor along Sunnybrook Boulevard
    • Medical offices at Johnson Creek & 92nd Ave.
    • Clackamas Town Center Expansion
    • Kaiser Hospital Expansion
  • Moderate income housing at Easton Ridge, Town Center Station and Mt. Scott Terrace
  • Public parking, landscaping and public space for shoppers and transit riders
  • Harmony Community Campus—North Clackamas Aquatic Park, Clackamas Community College
  • Congestion relief and safe travel routes for the region from the Sunnyside Family of Road Projects—Monterey overpass, Bob Schumacher Frontage Road, Sunnybrook East extension, Sunnybrook split diamond overpass, Sunnyside Road widening
  • Monterey Avenue main street improvements
  • Expansion of Clackamas Community College, Clackamas Crossing and Clackamas County Sheriff's North Precinct
  • Mixed-use commercial projects south of Sunnyside Road
  • Improved connections for pedestrians, bicyclists, and bus and light rail riders

Just the Facts

Established: 1980

Earliest Levy Termination: 2013

Size: 819 acres

Frozen Assessed Value: $32 million

2009-10 Assessed: $607 million

New Growth In Assessed Value: $575 million

Maximum Indebtedness: $177 million

Jobs Created: 26,251

Housing Units Created: $177 million

In Addition

  • Current assessed value of $607 million, up from $32 million in 1980.
  • Added $90 million in assessed value to the tax rolls in 1988 and another $48 million in 2005—a total of $138 million so far for use by other local service providers.
  • Invested county funds in transportation improvements on Monterey Avenue and Sunnyside Road, which helped stimulate private investment that led to the West and East Village expansions and a new 20-screen theatre complex at Clackamas Town Center mall. Helped build public plazas, landscaping, sidewalks, utilities and pedestrian amenities. Built the area's first parking structure which was then leased for public use.

Urban Renewal Funds Helped Pay For

  • Two neighborhood fire stations, one at Causey and Bob Schumacher Road and one at Causey and Fuller Road
  • New office buildings, new hotels and retail along the Sunnybrook Corridor
  • Road improvements to Monterey; Monterey Overpass and I-205 frontage road
  • Flood control and storm drainage for residents and businesses
  • East extension of Sunnybrook Boulevard to relieve traffic and improve road connections
  • Bike and pedestrian improvements