Centerline Reflectors on Rural Roads

Install reflector pavement markings in the centerline of arterial and collector roads in rural areas of the county. 


Preparing for construction

Updated: July 13, 2023

Additional roads will be added to this list as they become available. Reflectors will be added on 51 miles along the following roads:

  • 222nd Dr: OR212 to county line (1 mile north of Borges Road)
  • 232nd Dr: OR212 to OR224
  • 242nd Ave: OR212 to Rugg Road
  • 282nd Ave: OR212 to Stone Road
  • Airport Road: Arndt Road to Miley Road
  • Beavercreek Road: OR211 to Upper Highland Road
  • Bluff Road: County line (1200 ft northwest of Altman Road)to Sandy City limits (1/4 mile north of Kelso Road)
  • Compton Road: US26 to Orient Dr
  • Compton Road: Orient Dr to 362nd Ave
  • Firwood Road: US26 to Wildcat Mountain Road
  • Hayden Road: OR211 to Springwater Road
  • Kelso Road: US26 to Bluff Road
  • Leland Road: Beavercreek Road to Oregon City limits (200 ft north of Noblewood Ave)
  • Molalla Ave: OR213 to Church St
  • Orient Dr: US26 to county line(500 ft north of 307th Ave)
  • South End Road: OR99E to Parrish Road
  • Tillstrom Road: 242nd Ave to Foster Road
  • Township Road: Central Point Road to Mulino Road


To reduce crashes and improve safety for all roadway users.


Reflectors are expected to begin installation in summer 2024. The project is expected to be complete by fall 2025.

Traffic impacts

Minor and intermittent lane closures will be needed for installation.

Current activities

  • Project design


  • Project estimate $190,000.
  • Funding is provided from county road fund and state gas taxes. 
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