Johnson Creek Blvd. (82nd Ave. to 55th Ave.) Improvements

Project will add bike lanes and a sidewalk, as well as check ramps and traffic signals for ADA compliance

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Project will begin design phase in fall 2022.

Updated: March 18, 2022

Johnson Creek Blvd is a main road with heavy volumes of vehicle traffic without a center turn-lane, bike lanes, or sidewalks between Bell Ave. and 55th Ave. in the Milwaukie area. The project will widen Johnson Creek Blvd. to three lanes from Bell Ave. to 55th Ave., add bike lanes on both sides, and a sidewalk on the north side. The ADA ramps will be checked for compliance, and retrofitted or replaced if needed. The traffic signals will be modified for pedestrian push button reach, height and level landings.

The project will also repave Johnson Creek Blvd. between 82nd Ave. and 55th Ave., and Bell Ave. between Johnson Creek Blvd. and Alberta Ave.


To improve safety and provide a smoother traveling experience for all travelers, to be compliant with ADA standards and to preserve the roadway structure.


The county will begin the design phase in fall 2022. Construction will likely begin spring 2025, during the daytime hours.

Traffic impact

No impacts to traffic at this time. Shoulder and lane closures and detours may be needed during construction in 2025.

Current activities

  • No current project activities.


  • Project estimate $13 million.
  • Funding is provided from Community Road Funds, County Road Funds, and HB2017 state gas tax funding.
Department Staff
Joel Howie
Project Manager