Johnson Creek Blvd. (79th Pl. to 55th Ave.) Improvements

Paving the roadway, adding bike lanes and sidewalk and retrofitting curb ramps and traffic signals for ADA compliance  

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Design phase 

Updated: Nov. 23, 2022

Johnson Creek Blvd is a main road in the Milwaukie area with heavy volumes of vehicle traffic without a continuous center turn-lane, bike lanes, or sidewalks between Bell Ave. and 55th Ave.. We'll widen Johnson Creek Blvd. to be a consistent three-lanes road from Bell Ave. to 55th Ave., pave the roadway, add bike lanes on both sides and a sidewalk on the north side. The ADA ramps will be checked for compliance, and retrofitted or replaced if needed. The traffic signals will be modified for pedestrian push button reach, height and level landings. We'll also repave Johnson Creek Blvd. between 82nd Ave. and 55th Ave., and Bell Ave. between Johnson Creek Blvd. and Alberta Ave. Paving includes adding curbs to the north side of the road to carry water to sewer facilities. A lowered curb will be constructed in front of businesses to maintain access from the roadway.


To improve safety, accessibility and storm drainage, provide a smoother traveling experience for all travelers, to be compliant with ADA standards and to preserve the roadway structure.


  • Design: March 2023 to Spring 2025
  • Right of way: Fall 2023 to Spring 2025
  • Construction: Spring 2025 to Summer 2026

Traffic impact

Expect shoulder and lane closures and detours with delays up to 20 minutes during construction.

Current activities

Project planning and solicitation of design services. 


  • Project estimate $13 million.
  • Funding is provided from the Community Road Fund, county road funds, and HB2017 state gas tax funding.

Frequently Asked Questions


This project was prioritized by the Community Road Fund Advisory Committee and is also prioritized as a Tier 1 capital project in our Transportation System Plan (Project ID 1029). Tier 1 projects are categorized as needed investments with anticipated funding sources. There are always more transportation needs than funds available to design and construct needed projects, but this project rose to the top of the list for safety and congestion needs in the area.


Yes, we will host a community open house once preliminary design concepts are developed. At this stage in the process, we estimate community involvement in summer 2023. Feel free to reach out to the Project Manager anytime with questions or concerns (Jonathan Hangartner,, 971-804-2825).


Yes, access to businesses and homes will be maintained during and after construction. Although sidewalks will be added along the north side of Johnson Creek Blvd., driveway access will provided across the sidewalk section.


Yes, the proposed project will add curb and sidewalk along the north side of Johnson Creek Blvd, to capture all storm water runoff from the roadway. Storm drains and pipes will carry the water away from homes and businesses.

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