Sandy River (Lusted Road) Bridge Replacement

The Sandy River (Lusted Road) Bridge neighbors Dodge Park north of the Sandy area. The portion of the bridge above the foundation (superstructure) is more than 126 years old and comes from one of the spans of the Burnside Bridge. The Burnside Bridge was constructed in 1894, and the Sandy River section was moved to this location in 1926. 

Trucks are limited by weight to extend the life of the bridge. This project includes engineering design for the bridge to be constructed at the same location. 



Updated: Dec. 13, 2022


To remove weight restrictions for trucks and to ensure connections exist for emergency response, access for timber industry and residents of an isolated rural area.


  • Design: Spring 2026 - Winter 2027
  • Right of way: To be determined (not part of project)
  • Construction: To be determined (not part of project)


  • Project estimate $2 million 
  • Funding comes from a federal Local Bridge Program Grant. Another grant application will be submitted for construction between 2028-2030
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