SE 122nd Avenue and 132nd Avenue: Sidewalk Connections

Project description: Construct 2,300 feet of new curb and sidewalk in several segments in an area near schools with heavy pedestrian traffic. The total project includes the design, engineering and construction of sidewalks in the following areas:

  • West side of SE 122nd Avenue between SE Hubbard Road and Sunnyside Road
  • West side of SE 132nd Avenue between SE Summers Lane and Sunnyside Road

Updated: 11/20/17

Status: The majority of the construction work has been completed. Efforts to complete project close-out task work and repairs will continue until completed. Every effort will be made to minimize impacts to the traveling public and safely escort pedestrians around construction activities.


  • Construction began the week of Feb. 27 and was substantially completed in late-July 2017. Project close-out efforts and repair work, however, will continue into late fall.

Hubbard and Sunnyside RoadHubbard and Sunnyside Road

Contact: Bob Knorr, Project Manager:, 503-742-4680

Contractor: MJ Hughes Construction, Inc.

Things to be aware of: The project is being done in cooperation with the North Clackamas School District, which evaluated and analyzed safe walk zones for schools and found this area to be unsafe for students to walk to school.

Current activities: Project close-out tasks and repairs are occurring where needed. Other minor work, signing, striping and clean-up has occurred with repair efforts continuing until completed. We greatly appreciate everyone?s patience during this lengthy project.


  • This project is funded through a Federal Highway Administration Transportation Enhancement Grant, with 10% matching funds from the county. The total cost is approximately $1.2 million.