ARPA Grant Funding Explained: A Forum for CBOs/Nonprofits

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#ClackCo is getting ready to facilitate the grant process for our community based organizations (CBOs) / nonprofits to apply for American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA funds). This process is expected to start in the next several weeks. So far, a total of $6 million in nonprofit support has been approved by #ClackCo Commissioners from our ARPA funds. Learn more on our recovery website.

This webinar – the first of three of the same presentation, all of which are aimed at the eligible nonprofit community – will cover: 

  • A general overview of ARPA and the county’s actions
  • Examples of which kinds of organizations and efforts are eligible for funding
  • Detailed explanations about the controls in place with the grant application process, and the institutional requirements of organizations (once money is received) to remain in compliance. 

The webinar will be recorded and archived, and available upon request. Please email Christina Fadenrecht at with any questions.