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A Pony Ride Adventure | Beautiful Flutes | Brady Goss | Cowgirl Tricks | Karla's Academy of Performing Arts | Maralee's Dance Production | Nate Botsford | Oregon Old Time Fiddlers | | Oregon’s New History Minstrels | Rae Gordon

A Pony Ride Adventure/Palanuk Enterprises
That's right, the ponies are back! Hand led, free rein pony rides as seen at the Oregon State Fair 2010. Ponies in many sizes, shapes and colors are available for your enjoyment all week long. This year the ponies will be in the Family Fun Grove so be sure to look for them there. (Ticketed Activity)
A Pony Ride Adventure
Beautiful Flutes
Andean flute soloist, Sean Koreski, completely engulfs and mezmorizes his audiences with the deep breathy sounds of Panpikes and other Andean Flutes that evoke, without words, images of the mystic lands they come from. The sound of exotic percussion completes this amazing sound! All the way from the canyon like Toyo (bass panflute), to the eagle like Kena soaring high in tone, these instruments speak to the hearts of all people while in the hands of this skilled musician. Come listen to his marvelous melodies at the Fair on Tuesday & Wednesday.
Beautiful Flutes
Brady Goss
Brady Goss (piano and vocals) was described from an early age as a piano phenom. Today he is recognized as an electrifying entertainer. Those who have witnessed his live show are awed by his formidable keyboard speed then grabbed by soulful vocals that are loaded with passion and bring out the feel good emotions that keep fans of all ages wanting more. Influences such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Hank Williams, John Mayer, Eric Clapton and more, with his own unique improvisational style. Don't miss out on seeing him live at the Fair on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday! He’ll be performing with his full band on Tuesday night.
Brady T Goss
Cowgirl Tricks Cowgirl Tricks
Gypsy Marshall Duo Gypsy Marshall Duo
Karla's Academy of Performing Arts
Come and see these talented individuals perform a mini musical with singing, dancing, and speaking parts. They will perform Thursday, August 16th at 11am on the Grove Stage.
Karla's Academy of Performing Arts
Maralee's Dance Production and Design
Based out of Oregon City, Maralee's proudly presents the Millennium Dance Crew. These dancers are state champions, but you can see them at the Fair on Tuesday, August 18th!
Maralee's Dance
Nate Botsford
Nate Botsford is an emerging artist based in Portland, Oregon. His first CD "Pearl" was released in February 2010 and is available on iTunes. Nate's style is unique and memorable -- straight from the heart, with relatable music and lyrics. According to Nate, “Music is the career I’ve dreamed about since I could ride a bike without training wheels!” You can see him at the Fair on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Nate Botsford
Oregon Old Time Fiddlers
Come listen to the sounds of old fashioned fiddling. Every weekend, somewhere in Oregon, fiddlers gather in grange halls, senior centers, or where ever they can play music together. But on Wednesday, August 19th, they will be performing on the Grove Stage for the Clackamas County Fair from 2pm-4pm. You won't want to miss their jam session!
Oregon’s New History Minstrels
Oregon’s New History Minstrels are a singing organization that sings male barbershop style music. You will have the pleasure of listening to their quartet at the Clackamas County Fair on the Main Lawn Stage on Friday, August 19th.
Rae Gordon
Rae cut her singing teeth in the piano bars and comedy clubs of Los Angeles, and it gave her the sense of humor she brings to her show today. She has played the big and little stages of Northwest’s favorite clubs, dance floors and festivals helping to mold a signature sound that spans from a danceable get up and groove to a haunting slide tone that will make you want to find a back porch and sit a spell. Rae Gordon performances are not only a show, but a celebration, as Gordon follows the policy that a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met…yet. You’ll be able to catch her at the Fair this year on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.
Rae Gordon

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