Aerial Photography

Orthophotographs are aerial photos which have been scanned and rectified to the earth's surface. These photos can be used by themselves or we can overlay other GIS information on them such as tax lots, contours, soils, etc. Printed imagery for the years from 2005 to 2010 can be purchased. We offer two sizes of finished plots from our storefront:

  • Small plots $15 (approximate size 18 " x 18 ")
  • Large plots $35 (approximate size 34" x 34")

Often, we can print the map while you wait or call ahead and we will have it ready for you. We can even center your point of interest on a map.  We can also plot maps at specific scales if need be.

We offer our orthophotos as a digital file. These images are available in 1 foot, 2 foot, or 10-foot pixel resolutions. The cost is $35 for the first image and $30 for each additional image (If ordered at the same time). These images are in TIF format. Please contact us for details.