Web Mapping Applications

CMapCMap: Clackamas County's Online Parcel Information Application
Search by address, parcel number, tax lot number, or intersection.
  • Building characteristics: square footage, bedrooms, bath, year build, last sale
  • Tax Information: building value, land value, total value, assessed value, etc
  • Jurisdiction: city, urban growth boundary, zoning
  • Voting: State House and Senate district, voting precinct, congressional district
  • Services: cable, CPO, garbage hauler, fire, park, school, sewer and water district
  • Hazard: flood, earthquake, wild fire, soils, and elevation
Survey mapsCCSIS: Clackamas County Online Survey Information System Application
Find plat, survey, and public land corner information.
  • Plats: name, subdivision name, recording date, recorded by, images
  • Surveys: survey name, recording date, recorded by, image
  • Public Land Corners: corner id, images
Traffic Count mapsTraffic Count Map
View traffic counts throughout the county for multiple years. 
  • Traffic counts for specific locations
  • Change over time