Sandy Behavioral Health Center

38872 Proctor Blvd., Sandy, OR 97055 map | (503) 722-6950

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Open Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
*WIC and Assistance for Oregon Healthcare office hours vary.

Mental Health & Addiction Services

Your health matters here! The Sandy Behavioral Health Center offers a variety of outpatient counseling and treatment services for both mental health and drug and alcohol issues.

Adult Treatment Programs
The following programs are available for adults at the Sandy Behavioral Health Center. 

Children, Youth, and Family Treatment Programs
The following programs are available for children, youth, and families at the Sandy Behavioral Health Center. 

Supported Employment Programs
The Supported Employment Program at Clackamas County is designed to help people with mental health issues build the skills and confidence to find and keep a steady job. This program is available to individuals enrolled in mental health services with Clackamas County.

Other On-Site Services:
The following services are also offered at the Sandy Behavioral Health Center for those who qualify:

  • Care Coordination (assisting individuals and families in accessing community resources).
  • Consultation (to families, schools, medical providers, law enforcement, and other community agencies).
  • Crisis Intervention.
  • Focused Individual Psychotherapy.
  • Group Therapy and Skill Building.
  • Addictions Treatment.
  • Individual Skills Training.
  • Medical Evaluation and Management.
  • Peer Services.
  • Assistance for Oregon Healthcare.*
  • WIC.

*Hours vary, so please call to make an appointment (WIC (503) 655-8476).

Many forms of insurance with mental health and substance abuse treatment coverage are accepted, including those below:

  • Oregon Health Plan (OHP)/Medicaid.
  • Medicare.
  • Commercial Insurance (for youth substance abuse treatment ONLY).
  • Uninsured - For more information about our uninsured funding program (including eligibility requirements), please contact the Clackamas Behavioral Health Division at (503) 742-5335.

For all billing questions, please call the Behavioral Health Billing Department at (503) 742-5935.

Our Providers

The Sandy Behavioral Health Center has a professional and well-trained treatment team of therapists, mental health professionals, addictions treatment specialists, and mental health associates who provide care coordination, case management, and other support services. Our providers use treatment strategies based on the latest research to help individuals to be successful in reaching their treatment goals. They bring a wealth of knowledge, a variety of specialized skills, and the clinical expertise needed to provide creative, compassionate, and effective care.