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The impacts of fires are causing hardship and grief for many of our friends and neighbors. The existing needs of those in our community impacted by COVID-19 have only been increased by the wildfires. In response to the growing requests and needs in our community, the Clackamas County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) hopes to leverage organizations already managing donation collection and distribution through a coordinated system that will help meet the needs of our most vulnerable populations.

The organizations listed on this map are currently collecting and distributing resources to the community in response to COVID-19. These organizations need help to meet the needs of the community. Your donation to the organization of your choice will increase the ability of the organization to help your community.

Donation map


Wildfire Relief

If you would like to make a contribution specifically to those impacted by the wildfires, consider making a contribution to the following organizations.

If you or your organization has a large donation offer (example: cash or gift cards, palletized items of large quantities, etc.) Clackamas County Donations can be reached at

Donation Tips

Donate cash

Donate Cash

A financial contribution to a recognized community-based organization is the most effective donation to make. When people support community-based organizations with financial contributions, it helps ensure a steady flow of important services to the people in need. Donating cash:

  • It allows community-based organizations to fund response and recovery efforts, obtain goods and services locally, and provide direct financial assistance to disaster survivors to meet their own needs.
  • Make a financial contribution to the community-based organization of your choice.
  • Why are cash donations a good option? Watch this video.
Donate goods

Donating Goods

When considering donating items, please look for specific information from the organization you are donating to.

  • BEFORE Donating: Connect with organizations working in the affected area to identify WHAT is needed, HOW MUCH is needed, and WHEN it is needed. The right items, in the correct amounts, at the right time.
  • BEFORE Donating: Identify HOW the organization would like to receive the items. Consider how the items are packaged and how the items will be transported.
  • Unsolicited, unorganized donated goods such as used clothing, miscellaneous household items, and mixed or perishable foodstuffs require helping agencies to redirect valuable resources away from providing services to sort, package, warehouse, transport, and distribute items that may not meet the needs of the community.
  • If an item is not explicitly requested, do not donate it.
Donate time

Donate Time

If you are interested in volunteering time Clackamas County Volunteer Connection is a link for volunteer engagement. Staff and volunteers work together to foster opportunities for residents to access services so residents can live healthier, more socially connected lives and continue to live independently. Our volunteers are critical in delivering and providing supplementary services to Clackamas County residents. Visit the Clackamas County Volunteer Connection website for more information or call 503-650-5796 to get involved.

If you are interested in volunteering for an organization listed in the donation map, please contact the organization directly.

Help Now

We encourage those who have enough resources to donate to local community-based organizations of their choice to help meet the needs of the community. If you are interested in volunteering please contact the organization directly to find out if there are volunteer opportunities.

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