Become a Community Connections Partner

What are the benefits of becoming a Community Connections partner?

  • Participate in holding youth meaningfully accountable in their own communities
  • Strengthens youth's bond and relationship to their community, minimizing chances of youth causing more harm to the community
  • Strengthens the community through providing support to at-risk youth
  • Participate in an at-risk youth's experience of success and pro-social contribution
  • Provides access to a strong and organized volunteer pool
  • Low-maintenance partnership

What are our current partners saying about Community Connections?

"Feed The Hungry, Inc. is fortunate to be in partnership with Community Connections. We rely on the weekly support provided by the youth and recognize that our program continues to be successful because of their sustaining efforts. Our guests and volunteers are grateful, it is heartening to see young people involved in their communities. The board appreciates the high level of professionalism in working with the staff of Community Connections. Thank you!" - Feed the Hungry

A Letter From Fill A Stocking
October 17, 2013

When I first took over the reins for FASFAH, I was told we should be cautious of the youth from the Juvenile Department.  Having always believed that we can't judge someone without having met them, I chose to see for myself if these claims were valid.

What I found was that these were youth who got off the right track for a bit.  Also, by treating them with trust and respect they showed us the same. We didn't treat them as if they had done anything wrong, we treated them as we would any other volunteer and had great conversation with them.

Six years later, our volunteers now ask if "Rachel's Kids", as we call them, will be available for our fundraisers.  The program put together by the Juvenile Department has obviously been a success. We have been lucky enough to watch many of these youth grow during the time we have spent with them. Some have volunteered several times for many of our fundraisers.  We have seen the growth in these youth and hope they will continue to become wonderful young adults.

We have kept in contact with one young man in particular. His is our "adopted son" and we want to see him continue to grow and have the confidence to pursue what he wants in life.  What is great is having him now lead the youth who help with our fundraisers.  Watching him tell them what is expected of them during the fundraiser and what good will come out of volunteering is amazing!  He has touched our lives and we hope we have made a difference in his.  He is a product of what we believe the juvenile program is about - helping our youth find their niche in life and moving them into the right direction with guidance.

We hope the youth program continues and we hope to continue our partnership with the Juvenile Department. They have been a blessing to us.

Willy Stalker, Chair
Fill a Stocking, Fill a Heart, Inc.

What kinds of projects are ideal?

To successfully meet all the goals of the program, Community Connections gives priority to partners which emphasize and provide projects that:

  • provide relief and support to community members in need;
  • enhance and beautify public spaces;
  • support community events or activities;
  • provide opportunities for youth to interact with pro-social youth and adults within the community;
  • build infrastructure for public spaces; and
  • engage advanced skill sets which can be taught to youth.

Some examples of ideal projects have included:

  • set-up, tear-down, and general support for events which bring the community together;
  • preparing and serving food to the elderly through the Canby Adult Center;
  • general support and stuffing stockings for families in need for Fill a Stocking, Fill a Heart; and
  • gardening and construction jobs through the AntFarm in Sandy.

How difficult is it to become a partner?

Not hard at all.  Clackamas County Juvenile Department has developed many partners, and would support you in becoming a new partner in any way that we can.  If you are interested in this possibility, please do not hesitate to contact us, and ask for the Community Connections Coordinator!

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