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Drug Court

The program is administered by the "Juvenile Drug Court Team." The team consists of representatives from the following agencies:

  • Clackamas County Circuit Court
  • Clackamas County Juvenile Department
  • Clackamas County Mental Health Department
  • Clackamas County District Attorney's Office
  • Independent Defenders, Inc.
  • Drug/Alcohol Private Therapists

Drug Court is an intensive 8-month program that provides a high level of accountability, supervision and treatment. The treatment component includes a combination of group substance abuse treatment, individual counseling and family counseling. The program is comprised of four distinct phases, each with its own specific requirements. Drug Court clients have up to six face-to-face contacts each week with the Court, Juvenile Department staff or their treatment provider. The contact requirements are reduced when the youth meets specific benchmarks required in each phase. To be eligible for the Drug Court program the youth must meet the following criteria:

  • Youth must be referred to the Juvenile Department for a criminal offense
  • Youth must meet American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria for level two treatment
  • Substance abuse must be identified as a moderate to high risk factor


"I want to share a few thoughts on the program that may be beneficial for new participants in the program. First, I would like to say that I think as a new participant you may have no idea what you have gotten yourself into! However, it is well worth the effort. The Drug Court team, from the top to the bottom is, I believe, the best you will find anywhere, ever. They are the most caring group I have ever seen. They want your child to succeed and become a better citizen, free from all and any addictions."

-Parent of 17-year-old male

"A lot of change has occurred for us during this year. We all have learned and gained insightful information about each other. With the help of family counseling, we discovered something about the uniqueness of our family dynamic, and how we relate to one another, and we have tried to use this information to make positive changes."This is a wonderful program and as we come close to the end for us, we want to thank everyone involved in the success of drug court: Judge Darling, for her firm yet encouraging administration of the law, Summer and Marty for their wise counsel, Tim and Donny for their insightful guidance, and Michelle and Colleen for their unflagging determination to make our kids own up to their life responsibilities, while encouraging them as they do this. Thank you all! God bless you!"

-Parent of 18-year-old male

"It's hard to condense all that the Drug Court program is doing for my child and my family into a few short paragraphs. The experience is more than I ever dreamed it could be and our lives have been changed in countless ways. I believe that it can be the best thing to happen to the families given this opportunity."

-Parent of 17-year-old female

"Thanks much, I can't tell you how much it means to me to have my son back and being the great person he is. Our time spent together (as much as I can get from him) it just makes me so happy to have him to talk to...he has grown into such a great young man...he is even communicating a bit more with his dad too, I think that completes him as well, and also the communication with his brother as well."

-Parent of 17 year old male

For further information, Contact Us, and ask for Drug Court Staff.


2121 Kaen Road Oregon City, OR 97045

Office Hours:

Monday through Thursday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

24-hour Intake and Assessment Center
Phone: 503-650-3180
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