Become a Project Payback Partner

What are the benefits of becoming a Project Payback partner?

  • Low cost work crews consisting of at least two adult staff and between 4 and 8 youth.
  • Strengthens the community through providing support to at-risk youth:
    • provides income to youth offenders to pay back their victims, and
    • provides job-skill learning opportunities.
  • Crew members are compelled and motivated to be efficient and provide high quality outcomes.
  • Low-maintenance partnership.

What are our current partners saying about Project Payback?

"Project Payback gives at-risk youth the opportunity to make amends for their actions in a way that benefits the community as a whole.  SOLV hopes to continue partnering with this great program in upcoming years.  We recommend them without hesitation to any community group or agency" - SOLV

"The city and its' citizens sincerely appreciate the foresight of the County in developing such outstanding programs which benefit both the participants and the recipients.  The clean roadways definitely enhance the beauty of the area as well as the livability". - City of Damascus

"Project Payback work teams have removed graffiti, weeded and pruned the Library's grounds, picked up litter and have completed several important painting projects.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with them". - Ledding Library of Milwaukie

"I cannot begin to describe how much we appreciate the hard work, respectful behavior and great attitudes these teens exude.  The amount of work they are willing to take on, rain or shine, is nothing less than amazing. In a few short hours they accomplish things I know it would take my small volunteer staff weeks to do". - Big Star Ranch, Inc.

". . . crews have built trails, kiosks, and viewing areas that allow the general public to enjoy these natural areas without impacting it in a negative way.  We have been impressed with the amount of work that these two organizations have been able to accomplish in partnership with us.  They not only accomplish work each time they are in the area, but they enlist support from many other community organizations and individuals to get involved." - City of Gladstone

What kinds of projects are ideal?

To successfully meet all the goals of the program, Project Payback gives priority to partners which emphasize and provide projects that:

  • provide relief and support to community members in need;
  • enhance and beautify public spaces;
  • support community events or activities;
  • build infrastructure for public spaces;
  • engage advanced skill sets which can be taught to crew members.

Some examples of ideal projects have included:

  • construction of a natural habitat look-out pavilion;
  • development and installation of automatic watering system;
  • construction of walkway fencing;
  • clearing and maintaining walking, hiking, and bike trails; and
  • environmental reclamation.

How difficult is it to become a partner?

Not hard at all.  Clackamas County Juvenile Department has developed many partners, and would support you in becoming a new partner in any way that we can.  Please Contact Us, and ask for the Project Payback Coordintor to initiate this process.

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