Victim Impact Program

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The Victim Impact Program is committed to:

  • honor victim's rights throughout all phases of the justice system;
  • value and respond to the individual and specific interests of the crime victims we serve;
  • acknowledge how crime victims have been impacted by the harmful actions committed against them;
  • inform crime victims of the steps being taken to address the harm done to them; and,
  • encourage their voice and participation in determining how to meaningfully address and repair that harm.

Program Overview

Clackamas County Juvenile Department is committed to responding effectively to the needs and concerns of community members who are the victims of crimes committed by juvenile offenders.  Our pro-active outreach and restorative engagement with victims of juvenile offenders is intended to express the community's awareness and concern that these community members have been harmed by crime.  It is important that we understand what harm they have experienced and how we, as representatives of the community, can respond in ways that are helpful and meaningful to them.  Our primary goal through the Victim Impact Program is to reach out to crime victims in order to effectively respond to, and serve, their interests.  Additionally, it is our intent to gain an understanding of the harm they have experienced and to have those impacts help shape how the offender is held accountable, to both them and to the community.  Click here for an in-depth program description.


With these goals in mind, the Victim Services Coordinator (VSC) proactively contacts all crime victims of property crime* to provide the following services:

  • information regarding the Juvenile Justice process;
  • explanation of Victim Rights - some are automatic and others need to be selected (invoked) by the victim;
  • assistance in filing restitution requests and providing the necessary documentation;
  • information regarding Victim-Offender Dialogues;
  • liaison between the victim and Juvenile Court Counselor;
  • acknowledgement of the harm done, emotional support & community referrals;
  • accompaniment and support during meetings and court hearings;
  • ongoing case status information;
  • opportunities to be heard;
  • assistance in completing a Victim Impact Statement; and,
  • options for involvement.

For more information on the Victim Impact Program, Contact Us.

*The Victim Impact Program assists with property-related crimes.  This includes: property offenses and thefts; robbery offenses; arson and fire related offenses; and, animal abuse offenses.  If you are a victim of a person to person crime, please contact the District Attorney's Office for Victim Assistance at 503-650-3188 or 503-655-8616 (24-Hour Crisis Line).

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