Advisor Resources

About Leadership Academy Advisors

A key component of the Leadership Academy is the pairing of each participant to an advisor. Advisors and participants will meet regularly at a time and place that works for both parties (suggested frequency is at least once a month).
Advisors will support participants by:

  • Providing a safe space to discuss what they are learning in the Academy and how to integrate it into their day-to-day work lives
  • Acting as a sounding board for participants as they make choices about challenges and opportunities they encounter during the year
  • Helping participants develop and carry out their individual learning plans

Key Concepts from Learning Events

The following summaries have been provided from presenters of learning events. Advisors may review the key concepts to familiarize themselves with what the participants learned during the event. Use the coaching questions during your next meeting with your participant to reinforce learning and allow you to share your own insights on the learning topic.