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The New Gladstone Library

This is a two building, one library solution.

As part of the agreement between the city of Gladstone and Clackamas County—Gladstone is moving forward with a process to construct a new library.  It is expected that the library would be constructed on city-owned land in downtown Gladstone. There are still many details that need to be worked out, as well as a formal process and a City-wide vote to the make the new library a reality.

Next Step: Residents Voted Yes

In May 2018, Gladstone residents approved a plan for a new library through Ballot Measure 3-530. The measure permits the City to lease the Gladstone City Hall property to Clackamas County as the site for a new library of approximately 6,000 square feet. The City Hall will relocate to 18505 Portland Avenue. The County will construct the library using accumulated Library District reserves and a future revenue bond.

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What Happens Next?

The City of Gladstone and Clackamas County will work together to involve residents in conversations on their vision for the library. This vision will help decide the location, services, and features of the library. Library construction would happen after the planning process is complete.

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Oak Lodge Library

  • Construction of a new library, approximately 19,500 sq. ft. (nearly three times larger than present)
  • Located within the Oak Lodge library service area (specific site to be determined after public input).
  • Residents will shape the library through a visioning process to meet needs and interests.

Gladstone Library

  • A modern library downtown of approximately 6,000 sq. ft., constructed on city-owned land.
  • Constructing the library is dependent on successful passage of a Gladstone ballot measure to eliminate the prohibition on using city general funds for the library. Gladstone residents are expected to vote on this measure in May 2018.
  • City of Gladstone will continue to subsidize library operations at current levels.
  • Operated by Clackamas County to minimize costs. Library staff will become county employees.