Statement of Purpose McLoughlin Area Plan Implementation Team

Jan. 16, 2013

The purpose of the MAP IT committee (McLoughlin Area Plan Implementation Team) is to serve as a Task Force, working with the McLoughlin Area community as well as Clackamas County staff (where appropriate) to identify and set priorities for projects and programs recommended in the MAP II report while ensuring that they incorporate the visions, values and principles adopted in the MAP I framework plan. In order for this effort to succeed, any recommendations from this Task Force will need to be reviewed and approved by the entire community, probably through polling as well as at a community-wide open house. After those have taken place, any modifications required will be made before the final recommendations of the Task Force are presented to the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners for their consideration and possible action.

We recognize that financial constraints may require that many of our recommendations cannot be implemented for a considerable period of time. However, we believe that having an identifiable set of community-supported goals for our area may help to serve as a guide for current and future County planning and budgetary decisions.

Our intent is to reduce demands on County staff by focusing questions on these issues through our committee where possible rather than asking staff to deal with what can, at times, be numerous requests from different individuals for information or action on the same items.

Where appropriate, we hope that the staff would consider using us a resource in their dealings with the communities represented on our committee or in any other capacity as needed.

The three individual CPOs represented on our Committee as well as the McLoughlin Area Business Alliance will continue to function as before. We hope that their representatives on our Task Force will keep them updated on our actions and will return to our meetings with suggestions from their constituents.