Z0568-17-CP, Z0569-17-MAO, & Z0570-17-Z

Applicants: Parker NW Mining
The applicant is proposing three actions: (1) A Post-Acknowledgement Comprehensive Plan Amendment (PAPA) to the Clackamas County Comprehensive Plan to designate the subject property, approximately 117.55 acres, as a Goal 5 significant mineral and aggregate resource site in Chapter III, Table III-02 of the Plan (Z0568-17-CP); (2) A zoning map amendment to apply a Mineral and Aggregate Overlay (MAO) to the subject property (Z0570-17-Z); and (3) Approval of a Mineral & Aggregate Overlay District Site Plan Review application for the proposed mining operations, if the first two requests are approved (Z0569-17-MAO).

Staff contact:
Martha Fritzie, Sr. Planner,