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File # Z0149-19, Conditional Use

Proposal: Photovoltaic solar power generation facility (passive solar, panels) on 7 acres of a 135-acre parcel. The facility will consist of photovoltaic modules supported by stationary piles driven six to ten feet into the ground. Each row of panels will be strung together in an east-west orientation and the panels will face south with a tilt of approximately 25 degrees (or tracking). The facility will be unoccupied with only occasional site visits my maintenance personnel. Subject tract is approximately 135 acres in size, located in the southwest quadrant of intersection of S. Claim Rd. with S. Adams Cemetery Rd.

Address:  33258 S. Adams Rd., Molalla 97038

Legal description:  T5S, R2E, Section 22, Tax Lot 01100 W.M.

Zoning: EFU (Exclusive Farm Use)

Staff contact: Clay Glasgow, 503-742-4520 or