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File # Z0472-19-E, Appeal of Planning Director Decision on Alteration of Non-Conforming Use - Feb. 27, 2020

Proposal: Appeal of Planning Director approval of an application for alteration of a nonconforming use, the Douglas Ridge Rifle Club. The applicant proposes to construct a concrete slab and roof on an existing raised dirt shooting berm at the far west of Tax Lot 1600 (27787 SE Hwy 224). The slab would measure 4 inches tall, 10 feet wide, and 164 feet long, and would provide a solid surface for the shooters who currently use the berm; the roof, which would extend three feet beyond both long sides of the slab, would provide shelter to the shooters from the weather. The site would continue to be used by the same number, type, and frequency of shooters as currently approved for the same site.

Address:  27787 SE Hwy 224, Eagle Creek

Legal description:  T2S, R4E, Section 19, W.M, Tax Lots 01600, 01500, 00501, 01300, and T2S, R3E, Section 24, Tax Lot 04100, W.M.

Zoning: RRFF-5 (Rural Residential Farm Forest 5-acre

Staff contact: Glen Hamburg, 503-742-4523 or