File # Z0001-20-SL; Z0523-19-HAD; Z0124-19-CMP; Z0525-19-HMV (Virtual Meeting) - June 18, 2020 - POSTPONED

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Clackamas County is abiding by social distancing requirements during the coronavirus pandemic, so this public hearing will be conducted virtually using the Zoom platform. One week prior to the hearing, a Zoom link to the public hearing and details on how to observe and testify online or by telephone will be available on our website:

Items will not begin before the time noted, but may begin later depending on the length of preceding items. All interested parties are invited to “attend” the hearing online or by telephone and will be provided with an opportunity to testify orally, if they so choose. Applications may be viewed online at After selecting the “Planning” tab, enter the Record (File) number to search. Then scroll down and select “Attachments,” where you will find the submitted application. Please direct all calls and correspondence to the staff member listed below.

Proposal: 1) Z0001-20-SL- A 16-lot major subdivision called Ruscliff Estates. All 16 of the proposed lots, ranging in size from 3,256 sq. ft to 5,046 sq. ft., are smaller the minimum allowable lot size permitted in the R-10 zoning district. Therefore, this subdivision must also be developed as a Planned Unit Development pursuant to ZDO Sec. 1013. Most of the remaining property will be left undisturbed and contained within designated open space tracts. Also, a small seasonal creek known as Alder Creek flows northwest across the subject property. 2) Z0523-19-20, Z0524-19, & Z0525-19- A Habitat Conservation Area (HCA) review in conjunction with a 16-lot Planned Unit Development (PUD) subdivision, being concurrently reviewed under File No. Z0001-20-SL, within the Habitat Conservation Area District (HCAD).

Site address: East side of SE Ruscliff Rd, immediately north of Alder Creek Middle School

Assessor’s map and tax lot #: T2S, R2E, Section 05CB, Tax Lot(s) 600, W.M.

Zoning: Urban Low Density Residential (R-10)

Staff contact: Ben Blessing; 503-742-4521 or