File #Z0481-20-Subdivision Major

Proposal: A 20-lot Major Subdivision of two tax lots known as 21E01CC01400 and 21E01CC01500. Tax lot 21E01CC01400 (southerly tax lot) is zoned R-7 (Urban Low Density Residential), and will consist of six lots ranging in size from 7,027 square feet to 7,688 square feet. Tax Lot 21E01CC01500 (northerly lot) is zoned Medium Density Residential (MR-1) and will consist of 14 attached dwelling units with lots ranging in size from 2,013 square feet to 3,451 square feet. The subdivision will consist of two tracts; Tract A shall contain a 31 foot wide private road with sidewalk, and Tract B shall contain a storm detention facility at the Northwest corner of tax lot 21E01CC01500. Lots 1-5 shall take access directly onto Linden Lane, and the remaining lots will be served by the private road contained in Tract A (labelled on the plan set as "Reese Lane". The existing circa-1905 single family residence shall be demolished.

Site Address: 2316 SE Courtney Ave (Unincorporated Milwaukie area)

Assessor’s Map and Tax Lot #: T2S, R1E, Section 01CC , Tax Lot(s) , 1400 and 1500 W.M.

Zoning: Tax Lot 1500: Medium Density Residential (MR-1) / Tax Lot 1400: Urban Low Density Residential (R-7)

Staff Contact: Ben Blessing; 503-742-4521 or