File # Z0239-20-Partition

Proposal: The applicant proposes a Partition to divide the subject property into three parcels; One lot, the remainder lot, will contain the existing house and be 62.64 acres in size. The two new parcels will be 2 acres each, and both for new home sites.  This request is enabled pursuant to State-approval of a Ballot Measure 49 claim (ORS 195.300 - 195.336), Election No. E131385, permitting a modification of the lot sizing and dwelling criteria for the EFU zoning district.  As stated in the M49 claim this claim is valid for 10 years from the time the properties are no longer owned by the claimant, Phil H Ringle– if residential development is not established within this time frame future development will be subject to the current zoning standards at that time. 

Appeal of Condition and findings ZDO 1007.04 – Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities

Site address: 22700 S Beavercreek Rd
Assessor’s Map and Tax Lot #: T3S, R2E, Section 25, Tax Lot(s), 01400 W.M.

Zoning: Exclusive Farm Use District (EFU)

Staff contact: Liz Dance: 503-742-4524 or