Appellant/applicant: Ann Delfel

Property owner: Ann and Jason Delfel, and Tracy and Marvin Johnson

Proposal: This is an appeal of the Planning Director’s decision to deny the applicant’s proposal. The applicant requested approval of a Forest Template Test Dwelling to establish a new single family dwelling based on the density of residential development and parcelization of land in the immediate surrounding area. The dwelling is proposed in the central-southern area of the subject property.

Planning director’s initial decision: Denial

Applicable zoning and development ordinance and comprehensive plan criteria: Section 202, 406, and 1307.
These criteria may be viewed online.

Assessor’s map: T4S, R3E, Section 27, Tax Lot(s) 00605, W.M.

Property size: Approximately 20 acres

Zoning: Timber (TBR)