Z0125-22-ZC, Z0126-22-SL, Z0127-22-HDA, Z0128-22-HMV, Z0129-22-CMP

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Applicant: Rian Park Development, Inc.

Property owner: The Iseli Family Trust

Proposal: A forty (40) lot subdivision and planned unit development (PUD) with the following land use permit applications: 1) Z0125-22-ZC, A Zone Change from Future Urban -10 (FU-10) to Urban Low Density Residential (R-15 and R-8.5). 2) Z0126-22-SL: A 40-lot long subdivision and planned unit development (PUD). 3) Z0127-22-HDA: A Habitat Conservation Area (HCA) Development Permit. 4) Z0128-22-HMV: an HCA Map Verification. 5) Z0129-22-CMP: an HCA construction Management Plan. The stream corridor and forested hillside will remain in an open space tract that will be preserved. A storm water tract is also proposed. Access will be from a new public road connecting to SE 142nd Ave.

Applicable zoning and development ordinance criteria: Sections 202, 315, 706, 1001, 1002, 1003, 1006, 1007, 1011, 1012, 1013, 1017, 1105, 1202, 1307, and Chapter 4 of the Comprehensive Plan.

The ZDO criteria may be viewed online
The Comprehensive Plan Criteria may be viewed online

Site address and/or location: 14917 SE 142ND AVE, Clackamas, 97015

Assessor’s map: T2S, R2E, Section 11A , Tax Lot(s) 600 and 800 , W.M.

Property size: roughly 21.38 acres.

Zoning: Future Urban -10 (tax lot 600/ Urban Low Density Residential (R-15, Tax lot 800)