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Applicant: Jessey Cereghino

Property owner: Janice Kennedy, Gayleen Weiler, Joleeta Perkins

Proposal: Zone change from FF-10 (Farm Forest 10 acre) to RA-2 (Rural Area Residential 2-acre) to allow for a future subdivision of 53 lots. No development is proposed as part of this application; the applicant has submitted a separate application for a 53-lot subdivision, however, the subdivision application has been placed on hold pending the outcome of the zone change.

Applicable Comprehensive Plan and Zoning and Development Ordinance Criteria: Comprehensive Plan, Zoning and Development Ordinance Sections 202, 316, 1202, 1307.

These criteria may be viewed online:

Oregon Administrative Rules and Statewide planning Goals 11, 12, and 14 are also applicable when determining whether a Goal Exception is required for the zone change.

Site address and/or location: 21418 S Hwy 213 ; near the northeast corner of the intersection of Hwy 213 and Mitchell Ln, northeast portion of the site abuts the end of Lammer Rd

Assessor’s map: T3S, R2E, Section 21, Tax Lot 200; T3S, R2E, Section 22, Tax Lot 200

Property size: 111 acres

Zoning: FF-10 (Farm Forest 10 acre)

Comprehensive Plan Designation: Rural