Z0206-22-SS, Z0207-22-HDA, Z0208-22-HMV, Z0209-22-CMP

Appellant/applicant: Tom FitzGerald/Emily Reiman

Property Owner: DevNW

Proposal: An appeal of a 10-lot Short Subdivision and Planned Unit Development (PUD) including the following files: 1) Z0206-22-SS: a 10-lot short subdivision and PUD consisting of 10 lots ranging in size from 3,601 square feet to 9,875 square feet. Open Space, as well as storm water infrastructure, will be contained in the large Tract "A" adjacent to Kellogg Creek. The Private Road will be contained in Tract "B". 2) Z0207-22-HDA: Habitat Conservation Area (HCA) Development Permit subject to ZDO Sec. 706.10(A). 3) Z0208-22-HMV: An HCA Map Verification, applicant proposed to modify the mapped HCA Boundary subject to ZDO Sec. 706.09. 4) Z0209-22-CMP: An HCA Construction Management Plan (CMP), which addresses Erosion Control measures.

Planning Director’s Initial Decision: Approved with Conditions

Applicable Zoning and Development Ordinance and Comprehensive Plan Criteria: 202, 315, 706, 1001, 1002, 1003, 1006, 1007, 1011, 1012, 1013, 1017, 1105, 1307.
These criteria may be viewed online

Site Address and/or Location: 16124 SE Webster Road

Assessor’s Map: T2S, R2E, Section 08DC, Tax Lot(s) 09600, W.M.

Property Size: Approximately 2.47 acres

Zoning: Urban Low Density Residential (R-10)