County monitoring slide on South End Road; Short-term repairs planned this spring


Clackamas County is monitoring and assessing the status of South End Road between Barker Avenue and 5th Street in Oregon City. This section of road, which has a long history of grade changes and shallow slide activity, has moved in recent weeks due to the heavy winter rains.

The county is reducing the speed limit on the road from 30 to 25 miles per hour, and asking local law enforcement to increase enforcement of the current 13-ton weight limit on the road. The lower speed limit will remain in place until the driving surface is improved.

An engineering geologist hired by the county is assessing the area to identify appropriate short-term and long-term repairs. The assessment includes monitoring ground movement and ground water levels.

Transportation Maintenance Manager Randy Harmon stated “The short-term plan is to grind the distressed areas of asphalt and repave the area this spring. Monitoring will continue, including subsurface explorations and creation of a topographic map, to help us design and construct a future long-term repair.”

The city and county are developing contingency plans to close the roadway if it should be needed, though that is not expected at this time. However, it is likely that a temporary road closure will be needed when the major repairs are done in the future.

*The headline of this press release has been updated to reflect that Clackamas County alone is monitoring the slide.

 For more information, contact Project Manager Vince Hall at 503-742-4650.