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Clackamas County on Happy Valley lawsuit: City has ‘misguided perception’ that it is owed more than authorized by state law in withdrawal from NCPRD


The city of Happy Valley filed legal action today seeking to force a financial settlement in its withdrawal from the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District (NCPRD).

Clackamas County has received confirmation of the legal action and is issuing the following statement by County Administrator Don Krupp.

“Happy Valley made the decision in June to withdraw from the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District. Since that time, NCPRD has continued to operate in good faith and pursue a negotiated equitable division of assets as required by state statute.

“Unfortunately those negotiations were not successful.

“The city is seeking a disproportionate share of park district assets without any supporting legal basis or justification. Agreeing to their proposal would significantly overburden the district and would not be fair to the 100,000 residents outside of Happy Valley who are served by NCPRD.

“Rather than continue to engage in this constructive effort to reach a fair and equitable division of assets, Happy Valley has chosen to file this legal action, which is based on inaccurate representations of fact and a misguided perception that the city is owed more than authorized by law.

“NCPRD is, and has been, in full compliance with the spirit and letter of its agreement with Happy Valley and has worked diligently to meet the needs of residents and city leadership.

“The district will aggressively defend this legal action and will continue to promote and protect the best interests of NCPRD.”

For more information, members of the media and public may contact Public Affairs Manager Tim Heider at 503-742-5911 or