County provides Lake Oswego School District with $141K in savings


Clackamas Broadband Express also saving district more than $25K per month

Through its contract with the Lake Oswego School District to provide high-speed fiber broadband service, Clackamas County is set to refund the district more than $141,000.

Last summer, the county contracted with the district to provide the high-speed service – the Clackamas Broadband Express (CBX). The county handled both the installation of the lines (now complete), along with the ongoing internet service. More on CBX can be found at

The contract was for approximately $1.5 million. Clackamas County finished the project on time and under budget, which results in the $141,397 refund.

Additionally, the ongoing contract saves the district more than $25,000 per month when compared to what it was paying last fiscal year for internet connectivity.

“This is a great savings for the district, and we couldn’t be happier with how the project worked out,” stated Technology Services Director Dave Cummings. “Lake Oswego schools now have more money to spend on other priorities while receiving excellent internet service.”

Last year, the Board of County Commissioners voted to grant CBX the ability to bid on public agency construction projects. This partnership with the district is a result of that action. Other public agencies with large projects may be able to utilize CBX and take advantage of the long-term savings.

For more information, members of the media and public may contact Technology Services Director Dave Cummings at 503-655-8525 or