Clackamas County Transportation System Development Charges (TSDCs) revisions effective Jan. 1


Revised Transportation System Development Charges (TSDCs) approved by the Board of County Commissioners will apply to development permits submitted on or after Jan. 1, 2018.

TSDCs are one-time fees paid when a new or expanded residential or commercial development is built. The fees are used to help pay for transportation facilities needed to serve the people who will occupy or use the development.

The updates in the revised TSDCs include:

  • Consolidation of rates by merging similar land uses to streamline and simplify the program, reducing the number of rates from 88 to 50
  • Dissolution of the Joint County/City of Happy Valley TSDC District; the city of Happy Valley will have its own separate TSDC district
  • Updating the list of projects eligible for TSDC funding, based on the county’s updated Transportation System Plan and updated criteria

Over the last two years, county staff worked with representatives from the commercial and residential development community, home builders and engineering firms to help develop recommendations that were approved by the board.  

Details are available online at or by contacting Senior Policy Analyst Jimmy Thompson at 503-742-4333 or