Safe driving media contest winner announced; Contest attracts entries from nearly 100 high school students

Don’t Let It Take Over by Kara Atiyeh, a junior at Sandy High School

Don’t Let It Take Over by Kara Atiyeh, a junior at Sandy High School

Ninety-six students in Clackamas County high schools entered the 2018 Posters and Coasters Safe Driving Media Contest sponsored by the Clackamas County Drive to Zero Program.

The goal of the contest was for students to create art that promotes safe driving based on risk factors such as speed, or distracted or impaired driving; or on prevention strategies such as seat belt use, parent support or driver education.

Patty McMillan, Drive to Zero Program Coordinator, said: “I was overwhelmed by the quality of the submissions. Youth messages can be unique and impactful. They see things differently than adults, which makes their messages strong and eye-catching.”

“It is apparent that texting is a big issue in our communities,” McMillan added. Several posters focused on the dangers of cell phone use.”

The contest winners are:

  • First place: Kara Atiyeh, a junior at Sandy High School, with a dramatic image of a driver with a cell phone as their head, and the message, “Don’t Let It Take Over.” The winning image is above.
  • Second place: Caroline Yackel, a sophomore at Lake Oswego High School, with a poster that features the reflection of children in a car rear view mirror and the message, “Their Lives are in Your Hands – Drive Safe”
  • Third place: Anna Persell, a junior at Sandy High School, created a provocative poster with a child standing behind a car with the message, “What You Can’t See – Can Hurt You”

The winners, as well as nine additional students who received an honorable mention, will receive cash prizes, and the posters will be publicized throughout the community to encourage safe driving. A complete list of winners is below.

All the winning posters may be viewed online.

State Farm Insurance provided the cash prizes and funds for outreach. The top three winners receive $300, $200 and $100, and honorable mention winners receive $50 each.

For more information, contact Patty McMillan, Drive to Zero Program Coordinator, at 503-742-4661 or

List of Winners

  • 1st place: Don’t Let It Take Over by Kara Atiyeh, Sandy High School
  • 2nd place: Their Lives are in Your Hands by Caroline Yackel, Lake Oswego High School
  • 3rd place: What You Can’t See Can Hurt You by Anna Persell, Sandy High School

Honorable Mentions

Clackamas High School

  • Don’t Be a Dummy – Keep Them Safe by Emmalina Laurence

Lake Oswego High School

  • Lipstick Skeleton by HongSheng Chen
  • Time’s Up by Beth Doolan
  • Normal Speed by Liam Kengla
  • Our Future Matters by Maddie Manske
  • Don’t Play with Your Life by Zachary Olson
  • Don’t Be a News Story by Gretchen Storey
  • Eyes Off the Clouds by Ari Vest

Rex Putnam High School

  • Your Phone is Not a Passenger – Put It Away by Caroline Scharff