Gladstone voters pass new library measure


From: Tim Heider, Public Affairs Manager, 503-742-5911

Media and Interested Parties

On Tuesday, Gladstone voters approved a new library with more than 69 percent of the vote. This vote sets the stage to move forward planning the construction of a new Gladstone library.

“This is a momentous occasion that moves the residents of Gladstone closer to realizing their long-held community goal of a new library,” said Clackamas County Chair Jim Bernard. “I want to congratulate Mayor Stempel, the members of the Gladstone City Council, City Administrator Jacque Betz and other city staff on this victory, and thank them for all their hard work.”

Bernard continued, “This is another example of Clackamas County successfully working with one of its cities toward a common goal. We look forward to our continued cooperation with Gladstone on this project.”

“This was a significant undertaking for the council, and we couldn’t be happier with the result,” said Gladstone Mayor Tammy Stempel. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with Clackamas County on this project, in which we will continue a robust public process around the development of the new library.”

Stempel continued, “Thank you to the Clackamas County Commissioners, County Administrator Don Krupp and all the involved county staff for being such supportive partners and making this goal a reality.”

The proposed Gladstone library will work in a two-branch system with the new Oak Lodge library and will bring improved library services, amenities, and opportunities to the Gladstone community.

Next steps will include a robust visioning process to learn more about community needs for the new library space.

For more information, members of the media may contact Public Affairs Manager Tim Heider at 503-742-5911 or