Water Environment Services Educational Campaign Honored with Environmental Award


Water Environment Services (WES) has been awarded with the prestigious 2019 National Environment Achievement Award from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) for its “Keep the Wipes Out!” educational campaign, which is designed to protect sewer infrastructure, water quality and watershed health.
The award, given in the Civic Education and Public Information category, was presented to WES Director Greg Geist at ACWA’s Winter Conference in Albuquerque, N.M. on Feb. 6.  

The campaign was designed to raise awareness of damages caused by so-called “flushable” baby wipes that are flushed down toilets. Unlike toilet paper, the wipes do not disintegrate in water despite being marketed as “flushable,” and become entangled in sewer equipment, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damages each year.
Many of the wipes release microplastics that are not removed by the wastewater treatment process, which can be harmful to fish and other aquatic life. The campaign’s main goals included:

  • Protecting water quality within the WES service area for public and environmental health.
  • Educating community about behaviors that impact watershed health, water quality and sustainable infrastructure.
  • Upgrading working conditions of WES staff by reducing health risks due to hand-removal of wipe-caused clogs from pumps.
  • Promoting intergovernmental cooperation and coordination in addressing shared problems.

The campaign inspired the collaboration of local and national partners in an effort to educate the public, especially new parents, about sewage backups caused by the wipes and other clog-inducing products flushed down the toilet.

For more information, members of the media and public may contact Community Relations Specialist Edward Nieto at 503-742-4371 or 971-284-7094.