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Help Clackamas County by working on the 2020 Census!


The U.S. Census Bureau is currently hiring for the 2020 Census. The positions are temporary with varying pay ranges. 

For census takers in Clackamas County, the pay starts at $18 per hour.

By working for the Census Bureau, county residents have a special opportunity to help make the 2020 Census an accurate and complete count. There are many reasons our nation needs to be counted completely and accurately. 

The count happens every 10 years with the decennial census, which influences how more than $675 billion from more than 100 federal programs are distributed to states and localities each year. 

“Clackamas County is growing fast, and grant monies and other funding the county receives are based on our population,” stated Clackamas County Commissioner Paul Savas, who will serve as the county’s ‘Census Champion’ during the next year. “For this and other reasons, it is very important our census count is accurate.”

Census numbers have an effect on, but are not limited to: 

  • Medicaid 
  • School lunch programs
  • Community development grants
  • Road and school construction
  • Medical services
  • Business locations

Those interested in the job should visit the Census Bureau job website to apply. The page allows interested parties to review descriptions and frequently asked questions.

Contact: Dylan Blaylock, Community Relations Specialist
Phone: 503-742-5917