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Media Release: Board of County Commissioners asks legislators to resolve Damascus situation

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In a letter sent to 21 local state legislators earlier today, the Board of County Commissioners has asked for a legislative resolution regarding Damascus’ status before the end of the current legislative session. 

The Oregon Court of Appeals ruled earlier this month that the former city did not legally disincorporate back in 2016. 

Since that time, during the disincorporation process, approximately $8.4 million of city funds were transferred to the county for a variety of purposes including absorbing Damascus employees, continuing law enforcement services, and road maintenance and related funds (within the former city limits). 

This past January, the Clackamas County Assessor distributed approximately $3.4 million in remaining assets to eligible residents, effectively completing the disincorporation process.

The letter states: 

“As a result of these actions, it is not possible to restore the city to its pre-disincorporation status.

“The Court of Appeals ruling has led to general confusion among our public and uncertainty among our local and regional partners such as the City of Happy Valley, which has annexed over 1,000 acres of the former city into its boundaries.”

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Tim Heider
Public & Government Affairs