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Helping the Homeless

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Clackamas County has an opportunity for non-profit organizations, local governments, public housing authorities and other agencies who want to submit project applications for federal funding to provide homeless housing services.

Each year, Clackamas County evaluates and ranks applications for this funding and the average grant amount is about $159,000, and ranges from about $32,000 to $473,000 annually. Once a program is initially funded, it is more likely that program will continue to be annually funded.

The county receives about $2.7 million a year from HUD to fund housing programs serving individuals and families in Clackamas County experiencing homelessness. These programs are collectively referred to as the Continuum of Care, which is also the name of the funding stream from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Project applications are due to the County by Aug 20. For more information about how to apply, email Erin Skinner           .