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Water Environment Services establishes Good Neighbor Agreement with Gladstone and Oregon City


Water Environment Services’ (WES) Tri-City Resource Recovery Facility (Tri-City Facility) is located in Oregon City and directly across the Clackamas River from Gladstone. Given the nature of the facility, there are impacts to the surrounding community.  In the spirit of partnership, WES has agreed to establish a Good Neighbor Agreement (Agreement) with Gladstone and Oregon City. The Agreement calls for funds, $250,000 in the first year, to be split between the cities based on the number of customers in each city. This year, approximately 80% of the funds will go to Oregon City and 20% to Gladstone. The amount and the ratio will be adjusted as more customers are added to either city. The monies distributed under the Agreement can only be spent in a geographic zone near the Tri-City Facility pursuant to certain criteria. Projects and amounts to be spent are decided by the city council of each city.

The idea of the Good Neighbor Program is not new for WES. While there are differences, a similar Good Neighbor agreement has been with Milwaukie around the Kellogg Resource Recovery Facility began in 2011.

Projects eligible to receive Good Neighbor Funds must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Recreational improvements such as pathways, parks and trails
  • Enhancement of fish and wild habitat and riparian areas
  • Public education related to wastewater treatment and surface water management