Disaster Preparedness Month: Business and Community Services

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We all play a role in disaster preparedness. Find out how the various divisions that make up #ClackCo’s Business and Community Services Department are planning ahead.

County Parks
County Parks has worked with the Department of Transportation and Development and Emergency Management to assess county park assets that can support staging of heavy equipment and debris management as part of post disaster mitigation. Other county parks assets would provide temporary shelter following natural disasters (i.e. 36 Pit Fire). To help ensure resilience, we have been making substantial capital improvements to aging infrastructure. 

Rick Gruen, Manager
BCS County Parks & Forest, Ag and Forest Economic Development

County Fair and Event Center
In 2010, the Clackamas County Fair and Event Center was designated as an Emergency Shelter for humans, livestock and pets.  
The Fair facility routinely houses livestock in flooding conditions and during the 2017 Eagle Creek Fire, the center became home to livestock, horses, poultry and humans (a couple chose to stay with their sheep).
We have opened and offered our buildings for shelter when the weather is extremely cold or hot. 

Laurie Bothwell, Executive Director
Clackamas County Fairgrounds and Event Center

Economic Development
Economic Development has worked with Disaster Management to develop an Emergency and Disaster preparedness flyer that we distribute as part of our business outreach and expansion efforts. The flyer helps the business identify the following:

  • Emergency Plan 
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Facility and Equipment
  • Cyber Security
  • Promote Family and Individual Preparedness

Jon Legarza, Interim Manager
BCS Economic Development

Libraries in Clackamas County (LINCC) 
The Library Network helps to ensure a continuation of services to our libraries with the use of our three delivery/courier trucks. Our drivers work diligently to provide daily service to all our libraries on two different routes in the county, and our third truck is available as a backup if one isn't functioning.   

The 13 public libraries in the LINCC cooperative provide natural community gathering locations for residents. Most already serve as cooling or warming centers in inclement weather or extreme heat conditions, and residents often consider the public library a beacon for information in the event of an emergency. LINCC libraries also provide information in the form of presentations/programs from related to disaster preparedness, along with print and downloadable materials related to this topic.  

Kathryn O. Kohl
Manager, BCS LINCC Library Services (Library Network)

Stone Creek Golf Club
In case of an emergency, Stone Creek Golf Club is prepared to shelter approximately 125 citizens in our event hall.  We also have hand radios on course during operating hours that can be used to call for help or alert players/staff quickly in the event of an emergency.  
The county has also provided and installed an emergency gate along HWY 213 to decrease the time it takes for emergency response teams to reach the golf course.

Mike Turley, General Manager
Stone Creek Golf Club

North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District (NCPRD)
NCPRD has installed a large generator at the Milwaukie Center to power key elements in the facility. This generator would allow NCPRD to provide ongoing meals on wheels and/or community support in the case of a disaster. 

Kevin Cayson, Parks & Facilities Manager
North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District

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