Disaster Preparedness Month: Building Codes

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We all play a role in disaster preparedness.

Building code programs, which provide customers with permitting, plan review and inspection services, play a critical role in creating resilient communities. The mission of building codes is to set minimum standards for structural, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems that ensure the health and safety of building occupants. Essential in this is making sure that structures are able to withstand seismic and wind loads, and are equipped to provide protection of occupants and emergency responders from fires and other emergencies. Modern building codes help communities construct buildings that are safe and that can even be used as places of refuge when disaster events occur. As the building code service provider for unincorporated Clackamas County and for several municipalities within the county, our teams of permits experts, plans examiners, structural engineers and inspectors work each day to help customers construct, alter, and maintain safe structures that provide the places where our community lives, works and plays.