Transportation Maintenance and Disaster Preparedness

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Disaster preparedness is important for everyone, and it takes many different forms.

Transportation Maintenance is responsible for keeping our county transportation network safe by repairing and maintaining 186 bridges and 1,400 miles of county roads, as well as road shoulders, ditches, culverts, traffic signals and signs.

In emergency situations large and small, Transportation Maintenance works alongside multiple partners such as fire districts, the Oregon Department of Transportation, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, C-COM, Disaster Management, and Public & Government Affairs. Transportation Maintenance prioritizes and initiates emergency work to clear debris and/or obstructions and makes emergency repairs to the roadways so emergency services can reach residents in need as quickly as possible.

To be able to systematically prepare, assess and plan for limited resources after a large emergency or disaster, our road network has been divided into 20 designated Emergency Preparedness Zones to allow us to scale our response to any situation. Designated employees within each zone would perform initial inspections of bridges and roadways to determine the status and report back to headquarters. To test this plan, Transportation Maintenance trains employees with local H.A.M radio operators during exercises. 

Regular training exercises are also held at the local, regional and national level to explore new technology, learn the latest procedures and techniques, and ensure the inter-operability of our agencies. Our team participates in regional planning groups to ensure that we will have the necessary equipment, materials and personnel to effectively respond to any disaster.