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Commissioners approve recommendation from Community Road Fund Advisory Committee; projects to start construction as early as summer 2020

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On Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019, the Board of Clackamas County Commissioners approved the transportation project recommendations provided by advisory groups and staff for the Community Road Fund program. 

The extensive list of projects were recommended by the Community Road Fund Advisory Committee for congestion relief projects, the Traffic Safety Commission for safety improvement projects and Transportation Maintenance for local road paving. 

The advisory committee, made up of 15 community members, met six times since July 2019. Members were charged with reviewing proposed transportation construction projects to relieve congestion and recommending project priorities to the Board of Commissioners. The committee created criteria to identify the top priorities and schedule for projects that could be completed in the next 8-9 years. Criteria included spreading projects throughout the county, leveraging other funding sources, overlap with safety and paving projects, and other factors. 

“The committee did an outstanding job,” stated County Commissioner Ken Humberston at a Policy Session yesterday when the Board of County Commissioners made the approval. “What impressed me the most was the global thinking … on the committee’s part. They really looked at the big picture. It’s a good example of how when we get community involvement on projects and [the public’s] thoughts on things, that we can do a better job than just trying to do it all ourselves.”  

The congestion relief projects the advisory committee recommended are: 

  • Johnson Creek Blvd, 55th Ave to Bell Ave – widen to 3 lanes, add bike lanes and sidewalk
  • Canby-Marquam Highway/Lone Elder Road intersection – reconstruct; add turn lanes
  • Redland Road intersections at Ferguson Road and Bradley Road – add turn lanes
  • Stafford Road/Childs Road intersection – remove skew, add turn lanes and signals; and Stafford Road, Childs Road to Tualatin River – add paved shoulders
  • Welches Road, US 26 to Birdie Lane – add sidewalks and paved shoulders
  • Barlow Road/OR 99E intersection – initial project scoping
  • Amisigger Road/OR 224 intersection – install traffic signal; add turn lanes

Projects will be funded through revenue from the new countywide vehicle registration fee, approved by the board in February 2019, that will become the new Community Road Fund. The fee will go into effect in January 2020.

The first paving and safety projects will start construction as early as summer of 2020. 

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