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County releases results of services-rating survey

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After encouraging residents and stakeholders to complete a survey rating various county services, Clackamas County is releasing the results. They are available on our website.  

Altogether, Clackamas County collected more than 3,000 responses to the survey – the equivalent of almost 1% of the county’s total adult population.  

“I’d like to thank the thousands of residents and stakeholders who took the time to provide this valuable feedback,” stated Clackamas County Administrator Gary Schmidt. “The number of responses illustrates how much our community members care about what we offer.” 

Public feedback on the value of certain services that receive money from the county’s discretionary General Fund was sought, in order to provide context for the upcoming fiscal year 2020-2021 budget. 

There is an anticipated budget gap, as the county faces declining state/federal revenues, general increases in the cost of doing business, and rising financial obligations.

“County leaders are dedicated to become more financially efficient and live within our means,” stated Schmidt. 

Clackamas County balanced its current fiscal year budget, as required by law.

Survey results will be presented to members of the county’s Budget Committee, which is comprised of five members of the public and the Board of County Commissioners.

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Dylan Blaylock
Public & Government Affairs