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Proposed revisions to Clackamas County roadway standards available for public comment

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Correction: A previous version of this media release incorrectly stated the public comment period ended on Feb. 10. The public comment period is open through Feb. 21. 

Clackamas County has drafted revisions and updates to its Roadway Standards, and is seeking public comment on the proposed changes. The revised standards are posted online. The deadline for public comment is Monday, Feb. 21, 2020. 

The Roadway Standards, which set specifications and guidelines for design and construction of public and private roadway improvements, were last updated in 2018. Key proposed revisions include the following:

  • Added requirement for a third party inspector for larger development and utility projects
  • Changed definition of substantial completion for a subdivision
  • Added requirements for traffic analysis to better define “safety”
  • Changed requirements for pavement restoration related to utility trenches
  • Added requirements for small cell/5G wireless facilities

The Roadway Standards are intended to maximize safety, convenience, aesthetics, resource protection, ease of maintenance, livability and sustainability. More specifically, the standards:

  • Provide specific, consistent and acceptable road design and construction elements for applicants, developers and other private parties constructing or modifying road right-of-way facilities or on-site improvements that require County permits, and
  • Establish uniform criteria to guide the County’s design and construction of its own facilities.
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