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New openings on ABC: Community Health, Community Involvement, Street Lighting & Vector Control

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Clackamas County Commissioners are seeking interested residents to serve on county Advisory Boards and Commissions (ABCs). These ABCs offer residents the opportunity to become very involved in specific activities and the goals of Clackamas County.

Individuals interested in these opportunities can apply online or via a paper form that can be obtained from the Public & Government Affairs Department by calling 503-655-8751 or in person at the Public Services Building at 2051 Kaen Road in Oregon City.

New ABC openings from the past week include:

Clackamas Community Health Council

This council currently has openings for 15 additional members. The Council oversees operations, budgets, and quality measures at the Health Centers clinics throughout the county. Per federal requirements, the Council must be composed of a majority of patient members, therefore current patients (or their guardians) will be given priority to join the Council to maintain compliance. The Council conducts business through public meetings that are held from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm on the fourth Wednesday of each month in the County’s Development Services Building in Oregon City.

Council members are not required to have expertise in healthcare, but should be interested in improving the quality of care and patient experience in the Health Centers. Council members should be comfortable working with a diverse group of people and willing to reach consensus on various topics and make recommendations to Health Centers Leadership and the Board of County Commissioners. Individuals who represent all geographic areas and demographics are highly valued by the Council.

Application deadline is March 31. For more information, contact Ryan Spiker at or 503-722-6731.

Committee for Community Involvement

This committee has three openings each of which carries a three-year term. Members advise the Board of County Commissioners and county staff on the development and coordination of community involvement programs that promote and enhance public participation. 

The committee meets on the third Tuesdays of the month in Oregon City. Experience and participation in a community planning organization, hamlet or village is helpful as a majority of the work on this committee is in conjunction with such groups. 

The deadline for applications is March 31. For more information, contact Katie Wilson at or 503-655-8552.

Clackamas County Service District No. 5 Budget Committee

This committee has three openings each of which carries a three-year term. The purpose of this Committee is to review and ensure timely and cost effective street lighting operation, maintenance and installation for property owners within the lighting district.  

The Committee for CCSD#5 meets twice a year between May-June in in Oregon City.  Experience and participation in an advisory committee is helpful as a base of knowledge for committee work, but not necessary.

The application deadline is March 24. For more information, please contact Wendi Coryell at 503-742-4657 or email at

Vector Control District Advisory Board

This board has one opening that carries at four-year term. Members serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of County Commissioners to them while acting as the policy-making body, managers of the business, and financial affairs of the Clackamas County Vector Control District.  The District is responsible for the control of mosquitoes and flies, of which some are disease-carrying vectors in the County.  The Oregon State Health Department and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife approve the District’s annual control plan.

The five-member board meets monthly on the second Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. in Oregon City.

The application deadline is March 31. For more information, please contact Theresa Micallef at or 503-655-8394. 

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