Clackamas County extends emergency period for coronavirus response

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In order to continue being as prepared as possible to address potential future coronavirus (COVID-19) incidents, the Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners today extended its emergency declaration.

The original declaration was set to expire March 16. This action extends the time period under the declaration through June 30. Measures being enacted at this time include:

  • Prohibit or limit the number of persons who may gather or congregate upon any public street, public place, or any outdoor place within the area designated as an emergency area;
  • Commit to mutual aid agreements;
  • Redirect funds for emergency use;
  • Order such other measures as are found to be immediately necessary for the protection of life and/or property. [Codified by Ord. 05-2000, 7/13/00]

The board did not declare a “public health emergency.”

The declaration enables the county to seek additional resources from the state of Oregon to deal with the effects of the coronavirus. The extension also enables the county to streamline resources and staffing and establish emergency policies and protocols. It may also allow the county, eventually, to recoup financial costs associated with emergency response.

The State of Oregon declared an emergency this past weekend.

The county is seeking personal equipment for public health professionals who are treating individuals being tested for the virus.

“This will enable us to take the necessary steps to protect the health of our community,” said Clackamas County Chair Jim Bernard. “Our Emergency Operations Center is working closely with first responders, medical professionals and others involved in our community to ensure a coordinated response.”

Clackamas County has been working with public health officials from the State of Oregon, Multnomah and Washington counties to address the recent incidents of presumptive coronavirus.

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