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Joining the Board of County Commissioners during a Zoom meeting

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During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, your Board of County Commissioners is keeping the public/stakeholders as aware of decisions, and as connected to them, as possible. 

While social distancing practices are occurring, the BCC is holdingmeetings virtually. And all residents are invited to join and provide comments live!

As normal, meetings will be archived on our YouTube Channel. Thursday Business Meetings will continue to be livestreamed to YouTube, for all to watch. 

Use Zoom to ask a question live

Clackamas County is utilizing Zoom for its meetings. The next Zoom meetings are:

Thursday, April 2, 10 a.m. 

Weekly Business Meeting

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Join this meeting with Zoom

Connect using the following Zoom Join Code: 192 931 417

Join by telephone:

  • 346-248-7799
  • 408-638-0968
  • 669-900-6833

Webinar ID: 192 931 417

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Thursday, April 2, 2-3 p.m.

Listening Session with Commissioners Sonya Fischer and Ken Humberston

Topic: Sheltering: In order to Stay Safe, Stay Healthy as a community, every person must have reliable, safe sheltering during this trying time. What are people worried about during this challenging time with shelter involving themselves, family, friends, or vulnerable populations? 

Join this meeting with Zoom

Connect using the following Zoom Join Code: 719 915 133

Join by telephone:

  • 346-248-7799
  • 408-638-0968
  • 669-900-6833

Webinar ID: 719 915 133

Learn more about Zoom

When you click the Zoom links above, you will go through the Zoom website to be able to watch the meeting in progress. 

When you join the meeting, you will not be able to speak until you are called upon to do so by the moderator. Your mic will be muted. Your video will also not be turned on at any time. 

There are designated times during meetings when it will be open for public comment. A county staff/moderator will make it clear when this is. 

If you want to provide a comment, you will be instructed to utilize the “Raise Hand” feature:

  • Attendees on PC and iPad: You have a “Raise Hand” button on the Zoom Bar (Top or Bottom depending on device)

When you are switched over to provide a comment, your screen will look different for a little while. Primarily, you will see all participants’ cameras – not just the one who is speaking. Do not be alarmed, this is correct. 

Be sure to provide your name and area of residence when you begin your comment.

Once you have provided your comment, your mic will be muted and your screen will be returned to normal. 

For Business Meetings only: Email your question to be read by a county staffer

For Business Meetings, if you do not have the option of using Zoom, or you would rather a staffer pose your question, please send your question at any time prior to or during the meeting to Please be concise (under 3 minutes), provide your name and area of residence, and use the subject line: “Comment for BCC Meeting”