COVID-19 and your Garbage and Recycling Service

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt our daily lives, including garbage and recycling services. We’ve put together the following tips to reduce any inconveniences and keep our essential sanitation workers safe.

  • Please protect our drivers. Bag all garbage securely. Never bag your recyclables.
  • Drivers continue to collect extra bags of garbage placed next to your garbage can for the standard extra fee.
  • To protect drivers’ health, garbage companies are limiting the number of people in a truck. This may impact curbside collection of large items (such as furniture, refrigerators, etc.). Contact your company to learn about options such as requesting a temporary container or drop box. 
  • Multifamily property managers can also request a temporary container or drop box to collect large items from residents, or store them until large item collection resumes. 

If COVID-19 reduces your garbage and recycling company’s workforce, the frequency and priority of what is collected may change. Your company will contact you, or you can visit

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